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high blood pressure - how it changes your life

High blood pressure can be a manageable health condition. If you do as your doctor says, you can live a long, healthy life even with high blood pressure. What should you expect your doctor to suggest if you have high blood pressure? How will changing your diet impact your blood pressure? Will this issue shorten your life? These and many other questions are answered here on my blog. Take your time to read through all of the information that I have included so that you can know what to expect if you have been or ever are diagnosed with high blood pressure.

Why You Should Get A Sports Physical

3 February 2021
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Sports physicals are sometimes required by a school in order to play a sport, but even if you aren't told by the athletic association that you need a physical, you should probably get one anyway. A sports physical can be very beneficial to you, no matter what your age is. A sports physical is usually conducted by your primary care physician and can give you a lot of information about your body. Read More …